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colorful illustrations





I love this French illustrator: Marc Boutavant! I discovered his work when I bought the children book: Around the world with Mouk, which is an awesome illustrated book, full of colors and so playful.


eyewear for kids


Oh lala I love this French brand “Very French Gangsters” which makes styling eyewear for kids! Look at this great way of showing the glasses, so cute.


yummy polygon


I just want to try this chocolate for the packaging! The “chocolatier” BETA5 lauched their very unique “polygon bar”, a 3d chocolate bar. It has been designed to mimic the Canadian mountains by Odin Cappello. The great packaging has been designed by Glasfurd & Walker. Chocolate+Design = I’m in love!


from NY to Paris flowers


I’m in love with this little bouquet that I bought at the Wanderlust‘s Brunch Bazar party in Paris. The girl who “designs” those bouquet is from New York and her shop’s name is 11×11 (next to the Bowery Hotel). I love the mix of garden roses, mint, peonies and blackberries! Happy weekend everyone!


sip sip


I’m a bad french girl… I always choose my wine bootle looking at the label. I didn’t try these but the designs are just so cool.

from top to bottom: moustache label / balloon label / vintage label / anchor label


shape me up!


Give me some triangles and geometric shapes and I can play for hours!

1. Cushion by Howkapow / 2. heart shape stamp by PAPER+CUP / 3. Facets print on Etsy / 4. Cut and fold / 5. Triangles dolls on Etsy / 6. invitation by Arch Mc / 7. Bunny brooch on Etsy / 8. necklace on Etsy / 9. Murals by Matt w. Moore / 10. Paper Vase on Etsy / 11. Scarf by Sandro / 12. Inca necklace by Chic Alors!


love arrows



I’m all about arrows right now. Maybe it’s just some nostalgic memories from the time I used to play cowboys and indians!

1. Gotcha arrows on Etsy / 2. arrow ring on Etsy / 3. vintage arrows illustration by Julia Kostreva / 4. custom arrow stamp by PAPER+CUP / 5. Anthropologie arrow bracelet / 6. arrows decoration