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london’s calling


Ben and I went to London this past week end to celebrate our 5 year together. The sun was shining, the people were super nice and the food was good… What an amazing time. My fav part was to go to the markets (Borought market, Spitafield and Bricklane market!). Happy week end everyone!


white paint = cool


Super great idea for a shop, restaurant or studio! Just white paint cool words on the windows. images via renatom


magna carta


Paper+Cup cards are now available in Paris at Magna Carta’s store, 101 rue du Bac in the 7th arrondissement. I love this boutique so much since I was a little girl. It’s perfect for gifts or a cool little card of course!


streets kisses


Another very cool street art not far fr0m my apartment, in the small streets of Montmartre. Have a look at the artist work here: I’m a fan of all those kisses.



merry weekend all!


Finally after one year of being terrified of the horses (see video here), he did it! Jr was a bit hesitant but he was so proud of himself for being able to stay on till the end. ( The girl in the background cracks me up!) Hope everyone has a great weekend!


book ogre


You like to devour a good book? This bookshop window is pretty expressive. Cool no? I spotted it in Paris, near my place, rue des Martyrs (9th arrondissement).


we love elmo!


It’s finally feeling like spring time and think love is in the air. We ran into one of Tru’s friends at the park last weekend and they walked down the street holding hands with Elmo. I thought I’d be jealous when the day would come Jr would like girls. But he held my hand too so I was o-k. for now. =)