We celebrated my little guys 6th birthday yesterday! This year we did a joint party with a one of his buddies-  his ‘ex-girlfriend’ to be exact! They were both born on the same day and both love star wars so this theme just worked out so perfectly! I recycled an older project I did long ago for my client nannytata for the video invite.

balloongeorgiaSince it was at a roller rink, we kept the decor very simple and minimal. We weren’t even allowed to bring in outside food and drinks.

tableshotNo fancy dessert table. Just some yummy cupcakes, store bought toppers except I made little cut outs of the logo for the birthday kids with my Cameo cutter. Splatter white paint to make a galaxy table cover with black roll paper and vinyl cut out of the invite logo.


Printed out 2 posters from the oversized printer at Kinkos for kids to doodle and a ‘tattoo-ine’ station that was too cold to do!

skatingrink1It was so cold and windy that everything was blowing away, the sparklers wouldn’t light, my decor and craft ideas out the window… But at the end of the day, the kids had a blast and that’s all that really matters. I have to remind myself that it’s not a ‘job’ and I just need to be a mom and forget about making things perfect!

thaliaskatingskatingrink3 heatherskatingrink2So funny seeing the kids with these walkers. They looked like mini senior citizens on wheels. After awhile they starting using them as weapons and crashing into each other.


Flash back- This was from our class party last year when they first met. I was mortified that he wouldn’t stop picking his nose in front while the kids were singing. He also wouldn’t let me fix his shirt that he wore backwards.


I accepted the fact that I may never get a normal photo of this kid!


I just can not believe he is already 6 years old. I love every minute of being his mom and just want to soak it all in and never forget the moments we share.  He is kind, sweet and a total goof ball. Still so innocent and excited about everything. I hope he never loses that.