This past weekend we threw a last birthday and farewell party for Olive and Charlie. See full post on Hellobee. Since it was so close to Halloween, Bee thought it’d be fun to do a Little Red Riding Hood theme and it worked out perfectly because the kids were so into the costume!



Since we had only a few days to put this together, everything was printed at Kinkos/fedex or on an inkjet printer.



redparty29I used avery labels to make bookplates- so easy, not cutting involved!

allthebettersignThe signage was made using white vinyl on my cameo cutting machine on a clear acrylic. Afterwards taped a red piece of paper on the backside.

beeandoliveIt’s always so busy for the host but Bee found time to read to Olive. How cute are they!?

cakegrandmasMy favorite was the Grandma’s tattoo parlor. We made some custom tats for kids to enjoy. Norman and Jules couldn’t have been more perfect for this story book party!