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What a nice surprise to see our book listed as one of Darcy’s picks! Thank you! p.s. did you know she wrote our foreward?!


Weddings in Color book party!


_DSC5066West Elm Brooklyn was so kind to host our book launch party a couple weeks ago. (Thank you so much!). It was a great time and so nice to celebrate with friends new and old and to see some of our vendors that helped with us. Since, Vane did a full post on her blog, I thought it’d be fun to share about what went into putting it all together.


West Elm took inspiration from our book for each of the stations and found vendors to collaborate with us. Vane couldn’t meet so I met with Angi&Co to discuss the dessert table. It was the first time I felt like a client! We went over the art direction, the food items being used, walked the store to see what platters and styling props we can use. We didn’t want an exact replica of the table but to show how brides can take inspiration from it.

FullSizeRender-2 (1)After the meeting, Angie sent us the first sketch. We realized the chandelier was too low for us to have the cakes in the center so we decided to make an off centered table instead.

FullSizeRender (4)This is the second sketch.

signsWe thought it’d be fun to replicate the book cover design for the cake topper. But I made several cake toppers to test out what would photograph best.

IMG_0932We also wanted to use an idea of the table runner we used in the book. Instead of a number we used the West Elm logo. When using all white, it’s always nice to add textures and layers so for this table we tried to mix in as much as we can.

_DSC4944And Voila! I couldn’t have been happier how it turned out!

_DSC5295cakes2I was worried the dessert table would be empty and lonely looking after all the treats were eaten so we brought in some faux cakes for decor with paper toppers. Figuring out what cake configuration works best. At the end we kept it simple.


_DSC4863Used these Jewel boxes to highlight these precious mini doughnuts from Doughnuttery.

vinylsfoodsignsMini acrylic slabs with vinyl for the food signs.

_DSC4913Candyclay made white ring toppers to put on top of Ninecakes mini cupcakes.

tincan-workingTin Can Studios took our red and pink flower wall from the shoot to another level. We got to sign our books in front of it. *Tip: Washi tape isn’t that strong to hold up some flowers, use a small pin or clear packing tape first. Then cover it up with the washi tape.

_DSC5052_DSC5424trustampingTru helped figure out what stamps would be best to use add a little fun to our signing. We ended up with the XO and Vane’s neon green stamp pad.

_DSC5319_DSC5250Next to each station, we displayed the page from our book that we were doing.


Clover bar did an amazing job and brought these cute napkins!

_DSC5217_DSC5175_DSC5469_DSC5197_DSC5306_DSC5263_DSC5298_DSC5619_DSC5108Overall we focused on 3 stations- dessert, flower wall and drinks. It was simple but think it all turned out so pretty thanks to our awesome vendors! And a big thank you everyone that came out, it really meant so much to us.

Check out more images from the party on IG by using #weddingsincolor ! Hope you all are enjoying the book!

Location & Host: West Elm Brooklyn
Dessert table: Angi & Co.
Cupcakes: Nine Cakes
Cupcake toppers: Candy Clay Cupcakes
Doughnuts: Doughnuttery
Paper details: Paper+Cup Design
Bar: Clover Club
Flowers: Tin Can Studios
Photography: Jonica Moore Studio
Music: The DJ Trike

[images from Jonica Moore Studio]


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.08.59 PM

Find out how to make these super easy yet chic clay gift tags on  Martha Stewart Weddings ! Thank you for featuring us!


Happy 6th Birthday Tru!


We celebrated my little guys 6th birthday yesterday! This year we did a joint party with a one of his buddies-  his ‘ex-girlfriend’ to be exact! They were both born on the same day and both love star wars so this theme just worked out so perfectly! I recycled an older project I did long ago for my client nannytata for the video invite.

balloongeorgiaSince it was at a roller rink, we kept the decor very simple and minimal. We weren’t even allowed to bring in outside food and drinks.

tableshotNo fancy dessert table. Just some yummy cupcakes, store bought toppers except I made little cut outs of the logo for the birthday kids with my Cameo cutter. Splatter white paint to make a galaxy table cover with black roll paper and vinyl cut out of the invite logo.


Printed out 2 posters from the oversized printer at Kinkos for kids to doodle and a ‘tattoo-ine’ station that was too cold to do!

skatingrink1It was so cold and windy that everything was blowing away, the sparklers wouldn’t light, my decor and craft ideas out the window… But at the end of the day, the kids had a blast and that’s all that really matters. I have to remind myself that it’s not a ‘job’ and I just need to be a mom and forget about making things perfect!

thaliaskatingskatingrink3 heatherskatingrink2So funny seeing the kids with these walkers. They looked like mini senior citizens on wheels. After awhile they starting using them as weapons and crashing into each other.


Flash back- This was from our class party last year when they first met. I was mortified that he wouldn’t stop picking his nose in front while the kids were singing. He also wouldn’t let me fix his shirt that he wore backwards.


I accepted the fact that I may never get a normal photo of this kid!


I just can not believe he is already 6 years old. I love every minute of being his mom and just want to soak it all in and never forget the moments we share.  He is kind, sweet and a total goof ball. Still so innocent and excited about everything. I hope he never loses that. 


new paperless holiday designs


A Sprig of Cheer copy Cursive Greetings copy Knotted Wood copy Longhand Greetings Black copy Pine Cone Christmas copy

I know it seems early but I’m excited that our new designs are up on Paperless Post! It’s embarrassing but I’ve never done a real holiday card until last  year. I know… how terrible! I own a stationery business after all. TBH this time of the year has always been the busiest and at the end of all the madness I can’t even think about my own cards.  But I’m going to be better prepared this year and do it way ahead of time!


Little Red Riding Hood Party



This past weekend we threw a last birthday and farewell party for Olive and Charlie. See full post on Hellobee. Since it was so close to Halloween, Bee thought it’d be fun to do a Little Red Riding Hood theme and it worked out perfectly because the kids were so into the costume!



Since we had only a few days to put this together, everything was printed at Kinkos/fedex or on an inkjet printer.



redparty29I used avery labels to make bookplates- so easy, not cutting involved!

allthebettersignThe signage was made using white vinyl on my cameo cutting machine on a clear acrylic. Afterwards taped a red piece of paper on the backside.

beeandoliveIt’s always so busy for the host but Bee found time to read to Olive. How cute are they!?

cakegrandmasMy favorite was the Grandma’s tattoo parlor. We made some custom tats for kids to enjoy. Norman and Jules couldn’t have been more perfect for this story book party!


Weddings in Color Free Gift!


process2Yesterday Vane posted about our free gift with purchase of our new book so today I wanted to share some images of how I made them. When we first started brainstorming about doing a book, it was all about doing a planner. Things have changed quite a bit but we still loved our planner idea so thought it might be fun to do a twist on it for our give away. So this is a mini planner to get you started on your big day. Light and small so easy to carry with you on your vendor meetings and for jotting down ideas on the go. Inside are some quick pages to help you organize your vendors and keep all information handy. Hope you pre-order! Once these are gone, they are gone!
process backs